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Cesra Arzneimittel
GmbH & Co. KG
Braunmattstr. 20
76532 Baden-Baden, GERMANY
Tel.: +49 (0)7221 9540-0
Fax: +49 (0)7221 54026
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Autobahn A5 [A5 motorway]
Going in the direction Karlsruhe > Basel:

Leave the motorway at the Rastatt interchange and turn left, going in the direction of Freudenstadt. You will now find yourself on Bundestrasse [national highway] B 462. After just a few metres turn right in the direction of Rauental. Go through Rauental and continue in the direction of Kuppenheim. Drive through Kuppenheim in the direction of Haueneberstein. Before entering Haueneberstein turn right into the industrial area. Turn into Braunmattstrasse.
The Cesra company is located at Braunmattstrasse 20.
A5 motorway
Going in the direction Basel > Karlsruhe:

Leave the motorway at the exit marked ‘Autobahnraststätte Baden-Baden’ [‘Baden-Baden service station’]. Then turn left onto K9613 / Richard-Haniel-Strasse and pass by the Sandweier district. At the next crossing you again turn left onto B3N / K9613 going in the direction of Haueneberstein. At the next T-junction turn right onto the B3 in the direction of Haueneberstein. After just a few metres you will reach another big crossing with traffic lights (helpful hint – you will see a Mercedes-Benz building on your right!). Turn left here and then keep straight on in the same direction. This will bring you directly to Haueneberstein. You now find yourself on Karlsruher Strasse. Please continue right through the locality. As you reach the end of it, turn left into the industrial area. Now keep straight on until you turn right into Braunmattstrasse. Our company is located on the right hand side of the road. 

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