For stronger defences:

Lymphozil Lutschtabletten

(Lymphozil lozenges)

Effective ingredient:
dry extract of purple coneflower root

There are times when you seem to be immune to any kind of pathogen, and then again there are phases where you are prone to fall ill at the least excuse. In the wet cold season of the year we are particularly vulnerable to colds and flu-related infections. Lymphozil® lozenges are a plant-based medicament containing an extract from the purple coneflower root. This gives protection by strengthening the body’s intrinsic defences.

As the lozenges are for sucking, they protect you right at the spot where colds are most likely to start – the mucous membranes of the mouth, nose and throat. The   Lymphozil® lozenge dissolves on the tongue and has a pleasant orange flavour. Effective medicine doesn’t have to taste nasty! At the same time we have spared a thought for patients who are conscious of their teeth, with a view to preventing caries. Lymphozil® lozenges are sugar-free and carry the label ‘guaranteed tooth-friendly’.

Areas of application:
To support the treatment of flu-related infections.


For risks and side effects, please read the leaflet accompanying the packet – or you can ask your doctor or pharmacist.

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