or the regulation of the natural functions of the bladder and prostate

Our urological agents

Urology is the study of the uriniferous organs of men and women (the kidneys, the bladder, the ureter and urethra), as well as of the male organs – the testicles, epididymis, spermatic duct and bladder, the penis and the prostate.

Treatment and therapeutic intervention in this area is generally based on the administration of drugs – not least because the interaction of the organs in this complex system is highly sensitive. This is also an argument in favour of the use of plant-based medicaments to treat such conditions, as they generally have much better tolerance than other preparations.

Against this background, Cesra’s urological medicines can actually be seen as a system, as together they cover a wide range of possible disorders and pathologies. In addition it goes without saying that both preparations conform to the fundamental standards of our establishment in having plant-based effective ingredients and not containing alcohol, while a particular emphasis has been placed on tolerance.