A dermatic remedy (from the Greekderma, skin) is understood to be a medicament designed for use on skin complaints or minor wounds. No other organ suffers such a wide range of pathological changes as the skin, seeing that it is the organ marking the outer limit of the human body and so is exposed to a great many influences both from within and from without.

Many skin conditions come to our attention because the skin at the affected point looks different from the healthy skin elsewhere. ‘Efflorescence’ is another term used in this connection. Some of these efflorescences are hardly conspicuous, but others can cause itching or inflammation of the skin. The severity of the complaint ranges from ‘cosmetically undesirable’ (e.g. warts) to ‘terminal’ (e.g. skin cancer). A skin disease can have a very wide range of causes. For example it may result from an inherited tendency to psoriasis or neurodermitis or from regulatory disorders of the immune system; it can also be triggered by situational factors (e.g. stress) or by an infection.
The majority of skin diseases – especially cases of mild or moderate severity – can be effectively treated through the use of creams, ointments and pastes. These can be applied directly at the point of treatment, with accuracy practically to the nearest millimetre.

Dermatic remedies from the Cesra company are characterised by ease of application, exceptionally good tolerance and the wide range of situations in which they can be used. Our product assortment in this sector is rounded out with a top-quality cosmetic.