Natural support of the veins

Our therapeutic agent for the veins

Veins (from the Latin vena) and arteries are blood vessels which carry blood to the heart. As a finely linked distribution and conduction system, they are subject to particular stresses and problems.

Among these are oedemas (unspecifically painful swellings in the ankle region, with a feeling of heaviness in the legs), spider veins (small veins visible directly below the surface of the skin), varices or varicose veins (constituting an extensive serpentine network), phlebitis (inflammation of the veins), thromboses (blockage of a vein by a blood clot that gets stuck) and ulcus cruris (open leg ulcers).

As frequently one of the conditions just mentioned can lead to another, it is important to find an approach which will have an effect on this ‘pathological chain’ at as many points as possible, and which can also be used over a long period. Effective ingredients having these properties are found in the seeds of the horse chestnut, which is why it has been chosen as the basis for a top-quality preparation from Cesra.