Helpful preparations for women’s complaints

Our gynaecologicals

Gynaecology (from the Greek gyne, woman, and logos, word) is the art of women’s health or the knowledge of the female sexual and reproductive organs. In a narrower sense gynaecology deals with sicknesses of women who are not pregnant (by contrast with obstetrics).

Among the tasks gynaecology deals with is the monitoring and in case of need the control of women’s monthly periods, as well as – especially in view of extended life expectations today – helping women cope with the menopause, and with the extreme hormonal fluctuations connected with the transition to the infertile phase of life (generally between 45 and 55 years of age).

Cesra’s pharmaceutical products have something to offer in both these thematic areas – the monthly period and the menopause. The preparations that go by the name of Feminon® are among the best known and most reliable gynaecological medicines based on medicinal plants.